Picture Books with International Themes

Last Thursday I presented a talk on Picture Books with International Themes at Thebarton Senior College as part of their Educator’s Evening.

I talked about and shared some of my picture books with these themes…Limpopo Lullaby, Glass Tears, Ali the Bold Heart, One Step at a Time and my next book with NLA Star of Anise, which is about the Sikh hawkers in Australia in the 1850’s.

Recently I received an e-mail from a woman in South Africa who had just heard from Australian relatives about my book Limpopo Lullaby. Her husband was one of the helicopter pilots who rescued the family from the floods, in my story. I have continued to be in touch with Sarah and today I posted off some copies of Limpopo Lullaby for her three boys and one for baby Rosita who would now be 19 years old. We are hoping that Sarah’s husband Chris can locate Rosita. This has added an amazing dimension to this story.

In the area where my talk was, there was an IBBY display. This is the first time these IBBY books have ever left Europe and they only went to two places in SA…Thebarton Senior College and then on up to Roxby Downs Area School.

If it comes back again I am going top see if I can get them for Eastern Fleurieu School.

It was like being at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair looking at these wonderful books from all over the world in their many different languages.

Thanks to Linda Guthrie for organising the evening and to the interested teachers who came along to listen and share.

The IBBY Honour List. Would be a great one to be on!
Some of the Australian titles to make the lists
‘Lightning Jack’ by Glenda Millard is one of my favourites
Gorgeous books
I must get myself a copy of ‘Frida’. It was a kaleidoscope of colour and cut outs.
All beautiful and all very, very different from each other

4 thoughts on “Picture Books with International Themes

  1. Hi there Carol, Gosh you must have been sitting in front of your computer as I only just finished putting that post up. Yes, our fingers are crossed that Chris can track down Rosita and deliver the book to her. How are ya anyway cuz?

  2. Yes, I was sitting at my computer, working on my second children’s novel. LOL. The first one has taken off and is in schools already. I had my first ever live video chat with a Year 7 class last week, which was a real thrill. Kids ask the most unexpected questions! It was a lot of fun. And they are waiting for the next book, so I have put another book I was working on aside for now and I’m working on “their” book. I’m loving it. You can really let your imagination run wild with kids’ books. You’ve done really well in children’s literature. I am so proud of you. I always tell people about your books.
    How are you going?

  3. Well sounds like you have been very busy with your writing, editing, publishing and marketing. Well done you! All well here. My next book with the National Library Australia is due out next year. ‘Star of Anise’ is illustrated by Di Wu, who illustrated ‘Glass Tears’ and also a second in a trilogy with Sally Heinrich illustrating. This one is called ‘Mama Ocean’. Keep up the good work!!! And yes talking with kids is fun!

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