Star of Anise

The hawker’s wagon jingled and jangled as it came down the track  … Annie and Arthur have been eagerly awaiting Bhagwan Singh’s next visit. What …Read More

Mama Ocean

Mama Ocean had eyes that sparkled, like sunlight on the sea, and tresses which tumbled and trailed through the tides. But something is troubling Mama …Read More

The Man with Small Hair

‘The Man with Small Hair’ illustrated by Andrew Joyner is an uplifting story of a man with outlandishly small hair, in a town where everyone …Read More

Papa Sky

Papa Sky sits where earth meets sky until one night the wind blows him down, down, down through the cloud forest where he lands with …Read More

Radio Rescue!

Radio Rescue!: Jim lives with his family on an isolated station in the Australian outback. The new pedal radio is going to change the lives …Read More

One Step at a Time

“One Step at a Time” is a ground breaking story of the love between a young boy, Luk, and his baby elephant, Mali. When Mali …Read More

Ali the Bold Heart

Ali is a magician. Life in Ali’s own country becomes dangerous so he travels to a new land that he thinks will be safer. There, …Read More

Ami has Aspergers

‘Ami has Aspergers’ was written with family, teachers, and friends of children with Aspergers Syndrome in mind. It explains why children with Aspergers was written with …Read More

Glass Tears

Tian and her family make a special glass bouquet to place on their father’s grave. Some years before, he had left Vietnam on a ship …Read More

Limpopo Lullaby

In 2000, as Mozambique was ravaged by floods, many people found that their only choice was to take shelter in trees. The media spotlight fell …Read More