Rock ‘n Roll Rendezvous

Today we went to the Rock ‘n Roll Rendezvous at Birdwood in my brother’s Ford Galaxie. We were all costumed up in our rock ‘n roll outfits and had a bacon and egg breakfast at the Torrens Parade Ground before being waved off at 9:00am to head up the Gorge Road in convoy to Birdwood. It was great fun being in such a “groovy” car and mixing it with some of Adelaide’s best car restorers and rock and rollers.

Little Patti entertained the crowd and there were rock ‘n roll contests going on throughout he day. Some great outfits to be seen!

However the highlight of the day was the trip up through the hills in the big red American Ford Galaxie which has been lovingly restored by my brother Tim.

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