Some New Ideas????

Recently I had an amazing trip to Berlin and Scandinavia and while there I got some ideas for some new stories.

One to do with a kite and another to do with lollies dropping from the air.

And once I got back to Australia I heard a snippet of an interview on the radio, which gave me another idea about a story set in a library.

So now all I have to do is put my head down and begin to write them.

I never start a story unless I have the opening line in my head. And it has to be a good one. So at the moment that is what is happening in my head for these stories…opening lines going round, and round, and round.

And then of course once the story is written comes the editing, rereading and editing and polishing. Only then will I send it off to publishers. And then of course the publishers have to like them.

And if they don’t …it’s back to the drawing board.

2 thoughts on “Some New Ideas????

  1. Good luck with that
    Isn’t it amazing how stories weave themselves in our heads – it’s getting them written well that’s the hard part

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