Adani Dav School, Mundra

We have been at the Adani Dav School here in Mundra for a week now, and will stay for one more week before heading by train to Mumbai  (Bombay).

Classes here start with Nursery Class with two and a half year olds!! They don’t stay the whole day thankfully.

Then there is Junior Kindergarten ( 3 yr old) and Senior Kindergarten,( 4 yr old) and then Standard 1 up to Standard 12.

The school day begins at 7:30 am, with an assembly at 8:00am and then lessons  in 35 minute blocks. Recess is at 10:20 for 15 minutes. This is followed by 3 x 35 minute blocks and lunch at 12:05 for 35 minutes. Then there are 2 more lessons until the day ends at 1:50pm and a ten minute Home Group period until 2:00pm.

Classes are smaller than Government School classes and are similar to our class sizes. Lessons are very short though and the syllabus is followed very strictly.There are frequent tests and exams and results are submitted to the Principal.

All the students wear school uniform and an ID tag. Most bring lunch from home, although there is a school canteen for students and staff to access.

Chai is made for the staff at recess time and is brought over in a huge urn, already sugared and milky. Yum!!

Ian and I have both been taking lessons in the classes. Now it is the weekend and tonight we are catching the  5:00pm Company bus into town and will have a look around before catching the 6:30pm bus back again.

Ding! Ding! Ding! There go the Temple bells. Our room looks straight across to the Hindu Temple where every evening bells and drums sound and pujas are sung.

Time for a game!
Junior Kindergarten. Look at the teeny tiny desks.
Cute! 3 years old and at school.


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