Agra and the “You Know What”, the “You Know Where” or the “You Know Why”..

Ok, so we caught the train to Agra but because of fog it doesn’t quite get to Agra, so we get a taxi from Muthara to Agra and arrive at our hotel. Quick walk around the East Gate area and then a lovely rooftop restaurant meal.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water…the Delhi Belly hits me so I spend that night and the next day making friends with the toilet.

I recover …and Mia comes down with the same! So 2 days now in Agra and we still haven’t seen the Taj.

Mia still ill on day 3 so we take her to the hospital to see a doctor and she is given an amazing combination of drugs which sees a speedy recovery. Thank goodness.

Day 4 and I wake up with another bout of the BELLY!!!! And we have a 4 hour trip back to Delhi which turns into a 6 hour trip.

In between times, Ian sneaks out at dawn one morning to see the Taj, only to be faced with a pea-soup fog! His photo below.

I manage to sneak out between toilet visits and recoveries and I get to see the Taj in the sunlight. Absolutely spectacular!

So now we are all in Delhi with a whole day to look around tomorrow , which is my birthday! Then it’s on the big silver bird on Jan 7th, my mum’s birthday, to KL for 4 nights.


Yes, 55 years ago I was a little birthday present for mum.

What Ian saw!
What Mia was doing while Ian was "sawing".
What Jane was doing while Ian was "sawing".
What Jane saw.
My arty farty shot. Cool eh?
I'm doing my bit to keep the Taj for posterity!

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