Book Week and All That!

Well Book Week has come and gone again and there are some very happy authors and illustrators around who have been announced as winners.

I think children’s books are on the whole very undervalued and so anyone who can get Shortlisted, or Notabled, or be a winner is flying the flag for all of the children’s authors and illustrators out here.

I enjoyed reading all of the shortlisted books this year but I won’t tell you which were my favourites. Oh, OK, yes, I will. Just a couple. I loved “Peggy” and I really enjoyed “Sophie Scott Goes South”.

I visited Jervois Primary School this year to give an author talk as part of Book Week and had a lovely day. I was very lucky that I had with me a rough  “dummy” book of “Tea and Sugar Christmas” which I could share with the classes. Very exciting that Robert Ingpen has completed the illustrations. It now has to have final editing and polishing, and archival photos added before the book gets printed and the task of advertising and distributing begins. Still won’t be out until 2014 some time.

At E.F.S. our visiting author this year was Alan Tucker. Alan and I first met 30 years ago at Pt. Broughton Area School where we were both teaching. The classes really enjoyed Alan’s stories to do with the research he does for his historical fiction. The My Australia Stories are very popular at our school. When you look at Australian history, there is a lifetime of stories left for Alan to write! And now that History is back in the Australian Curriculum fro primary students he must be laughing!


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