In Switzerland What’s A Girl to Do?…except go to a Chocolate Factory!

There just happened to be a chocolate factory near Lugano, so with a short train trip we got there and went straight to the tasting area! Never mind the museum…who cares how they used to make it!

Like sitting in a chocolate box

These were all our choices by the spoonful. Had to try the dark one a few times just to make sure!

The chocolate fountain that the pretzels were scooped into for tasting as well

After the chocolate factory it was on to the funicular railway to the top of Monte Bre for the best view of Lugano. The restaurant at the top even advertised it.

There it is…the best view of Lugano

And this is what we saw!

Somewhere through the mist is Lugano…I am sure

So it was back down again after the hottest coffee we have had since away. Now you may think the driver is driving this thing…in fact she was filing her fingernails! EEEK!

And today it was through the Swiss alps on the Bernina Express. A magical journey.

We were in the last carriage so had great views of the train going around bends

We ended up at St Moritz in this hotel and tomorrow it is back to the bahnhof to catch the Glacier Express to Zermatt and the mighty Matterhorn. A very cold walk outside tonight to look for some cheap food! Nothing is cheap here, not even the bus fares!

Across the icy river to the hotel

Don’t think basketball is a winter game here!

A nice big Swiss breakfast tomorrow …that means bread rolls, hams, cheeses, pickles, croissants, yoghurts, cereals, hot chocolate etc etc, before heading off through the snow again.

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