Brescia…A Little Beauty!

When planning the trip from Venice to Lugano in Switzerland, we had one night to stop along the way and so I looked at the railway map of Italy and found Brescia which was about halfway so booked a hotel right near the railway station and took a punt!

Well it turned out to be such a hidden secret! We only had half a day here but managed to walk into the old centre of town and experience the gorgeous cobblestoned piazzas, amazing basilicas, a climb up to the castello and then back to the piazza to watch the two brass men on top of the clock strike the hours with their hammers, and then finish with a spritz and aperitif in same square, followed by gnocchi verde (best meal I have had in Italy) and assorted toasted sandwiches for Mia and Ian.

So much more to see and explore but tomorrow we catch the train to Lugano, Switzerland, in preparation for the Bernina Express through the Swiss Alps.

So, some images from today’s adventure…

This clock does actually move but very slowly.
The two bell knockers…you get a repeat a minute after the hour just in case you missed it!
The old cathedral in Brescia. When I say old I mean 10th century!
No fun to be had in the castle gardens…no bike riding, no sleeping on park benches, no fires, no rubbish, no dogs and no alcohol. Not much point being there really!

A rose amongst the tulips and artichokes…Ha! Ha! Actually artichokes are a very under-rated garden plant. Think I will plant some when I get home.

View of Brescia from the castle. Count the church towers and and domes. One on every corner

Cheapest toilets we have visited in Italy so far. Only 10c to go. In Rome and Venice we paid from 1 euro up to 1.50 euro for a visit! A bit scary though. You get the feeling that the automatic door is never going to open again. And the limit is 10 small squares of toilet paper. Anyway we love bargain when we see one!

It would be a bit hard if you didn’t speak Italian, English, French or German!

2 thoughts on “Brescia…A Little Beauty!

  1. Digs were equally as good as others we have stayed at…and only 100m from railway station, which is always a bonus when travelling with suitcases!

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