It’s All Happening

The team of Sally Heinrich, Anna Solding and I are all working furiously at the moment to get organised for our Crowdfunding Campaign for One Step at a Time.

Lexi Woods, my step-daughter, is working on putting a trailer together. We are hoping it will appeal to all those who want to see a future for our kids where they show empathy, and courage to not go down the path of solving problems and issues through physical violence in any form. We are hoping that this children’s picture book will be a conduit for this.

Getting music for the trailer has been an interesting challenge. Most has to be paid for, some is obviously more expensive than others. We have managed  to buy some music, royalty free, for only $50 from the internet.

At the same time the Lend Your Leg team of Sally, myself and Adrian Von der Borch, Helen Stanger and Liesl Von der Borch are working towards the evening event on Fri. April 4th. Ian’s band, Xylo, which consists of Donna Prusa and him, will be playing some background music on the night. It is all slowly coming together. We hope to showcase the trailer for the Crowdfunding Campaign that evening.

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