KL and Home

Well both Mia and I were laid up with THE BELLY for the 4 days in Kl. Finally got on the plane for home and after a smooth 6 and 1/2 hour flight touched down smoothly in Adelaide.

So we didn’t swim in the pool or see the sights of Kl. However Ian did get out one day for a look around and saw a few of the things on the tourist list for KL.

Now that we are home I will need to tie up all the loose ends and write a few reports for the Australia-India Council and Arts SA and then get down to writing. I have come back with quite a few ideas for children’s books and also a few short stories for adults.

A few last photos from the trip below.

While in Agra a cycle rickshaw wallah offered me a ride to Delhi for 2000R in 11 hours! When I said I was with my husband and daughter he said, “No problems”. Then when I said we had 3 big bags he also said , “No problems. 11 hours. 2000R!”

11 hours from Agra to Delhi in a cycle rickshaw with this guy! What do you reckon?
View from KL hotel room. Sunrise.
Waiting for the flight back to Oz.
Stamps on one of the packages we posted from India.

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