Last Day At Adani Dav Public School

Today is our last day here before we catch the Kutch Express tonight to Mumbai, arriving 11:30am tomorrow.We will be staying in Mumbai for 3 nights before making our way down the coast to Goa and eventually Kerala where we hope to have a couple of nights on a houseboat cruising the backwaters.

We have had a great time here meeting and talking with staff and students. Have spent quite a bit of time in the classes either observing or taking lessons. Bit of a shock for Ian who hasn’t been in a class for 12 years or more!

Kids are kids all over the world. Every class has the same kind of kids.The quiet ones, noisy ones, cheeky ones, shy ones etc. The kids here at Adani are all SO friendly. Every time we pass them in the yard there is a very friendly and happy “Good morning ma’am.”

After school last night we went on a tour of the Port of Mundra. Lots of security as it is India’s biggest port owned and run by the Adani Corporation.

After the tour ,Arvind Soni, the school driver, took us for a ride in his Nano! An amazingly spacious little car which is the biggest selling car in India at the moment. Soni turned up the sound system and blasted us with some Hindu music and then some sound effects of motorbikes revving, jet engines and breaking glass. Even a train. It was hysterical.

Long live Soni! Long live the Nano!

A very proud Soni and his Nano!
More gorgeous girls.
Writing up the daily news on the blackboard: National, International and Sports.
Gorgeous girls.

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