More Roller Derby

On Saturday night I went with Mia and some school colleagues to the Roller Derby match at Wayville Showgrounds. This time I had bought e-tickets and so we got in very quickly and set up our chairs ready for action. We decided to cheer for the underdog, The Road Train Rollers, whose motto is “Get Trucked”.

After visiting the bar for some light refreshments we settled back to watch the game. Unfortunately the Salty Dolls were far too good, but the Road Train Rollers made a gallant come back with Tricksy the “jammer” getting through and scoring some valuable points. Too late though as the Salty Dolls still led by about 100 points.

The Dream!
The Reality!
Anyone for lashes? Take your pick!
“Our” girls ready for battle.
Salty Dolls taking a break

2 thoughts on “More Roller Derby

  1. That is quick Jane ! Thanks for inviting us, had a fun night. Cheers Anamika

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