Mountains, Mountaineers …and Mortality.

While in Zermatt we visited the Mountaineers’ Cemetery. A very emotional experience. So many young men, and a few women, who lost their lives on the mountain doing something they loved. But all so young. And they were probably all so fit and healthy.

I am going to do a bit of research on some of them and find out more about their lives. Apparently over 500 climbers have lost their lives climbing the Matterhorn. One of the epitaphs said, “I chose to climb”.

Here are some images. Lots to think about…

The Mountaineers’ cemetery at the back of the Anglican Church of St Peters.

We all make choices…

Sad…he got up but didn’t get back down


One of the few women buried in the cemetery
Only 24 years old

Another young Englishman

He was one of the very early climbers of the Matterhorn

It is I be not afraid

Grieving parents of a 23 year old

These three graves are very old…and another woman mountaineer

Another 23 year old

And the grave of the unknown climber

I guess at least the families of these mountaineers had a body to bury. There are so many who have been lost on the mountain never to have their bodies retrieved.

I found a great website with some more information on these climbers. Only have to google Mountaineers’ Cemetery Zermatt to find it.

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