New Year, New Stories

So from today I am determined to write as often as I can now that I am only working 2 days a week. Yippee!

I have a long, long list of story ideas which need starting and an equally long list of stories which need finishing and polishing. Sometimes it’s good to leave them for a while and then go back to them to read them with fresh eyes. It’s time!

I know a woman who worked from home and to be self disciplined, after breakfast she went for a walk around the block, and when she re-entered her house, she saw it as entering work. I might try this as I can see that self-disciline is going to be my undoing. Not that I don’t have any self discipline, just that I work better under pressure and to deadlines. I will have to set my own deadlines because I don’t want to fritter the time away and have nothing to show for it at the end of the year.

So today, I start a new story. The idea came to me while listening to a radio programme a week ago and when re-reading the notes I had made, ( in the car on scrap paper) I came up with a picture book idea for it. Now I must write!

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