One Step At A Time with “One Step At A Time”

Well, “One Step At A Time” is well and truly on the way to being a picture book.

Yesterday I met with Sally Heinrich, who has begun work on the illustrations, and it is going to be a stunning book!

Sally will be doing lino prints, which takes an extraordinary amount of time. Looking over the initial sketches we were making sure that we had everything right, from the colours of the monks’ robes to the style of  buddhist temples, as the story is set on the Thai/Burma border.

It looks as though there will be some crowdfunding happening to finance the project so this will be advertised in the future, worldwide, tapping in to all of the associations and foundations which have a link to banning landmines and helping the victims of war and landmines.

Samples of Sally’s work can be seen at and on her blog at

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