Papa Sky is launched! He is out there!

On Sunday Oct 15th Papa Sky was launched in style!

At The Joinery, Craig Wilkins, CEO of Conservation Council of SA, sent Papa off with an amazing speech which touched on the 5 essential truths about the environment. It certainly raised awareness about this wonderful world we live in.

For the children in the audience there was white play dough to squeeze and shape and scrunch and sculpt. There was a word find with lots of Papa Sky words and some drawing sheets.

There were even clouds to eat in many shapes and forms.

And of course books to buy and get signed.

It was a fabulous turn out of family, friends, and supporters.

Now Papa Sky can do his own thing and enchant people young and old.

One half of the Jolly family!
Buying and selling
Craig presenting and launching!
Sally and I responding. Please note our cloud themed dresses!
Chief photographer…Paul Jolly
Something we said was funny!
Putting funny little squiggles into the front of books
Play dough clouds

Goodnight Papa Sky! Don’t fall down the mountain again.


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