Paris and of course MontMartre

Well Paris is cleaner than I remember it twenty or more years ago. No sign of any dog poop and rubbish gets picked up every day. Very impressive.

We did the usual…walked to the big ones…Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Montmartre, the Seine and then went off the track to find some things of our own.

Notre Dame was of course closed off to the public but we did manage to get a look at it from across the river. Then we turned around and saw a protest happening in a nearby garden. Basically protesting against the millionaires who are donating millions of euros to the rebuild but give nothing to the homeless. Well I guess that’s up for debate. Do we ever really know who and how much anyone donates to any cause?

So there she is without her spires
No need for translation

Lots of electric scooters being used by people of all ages…just like the ones being trailed in Adelaide. They go quite fast and people seem to appear from nowhere an whizz past you. Lots of doubling up to save money…mums and dads with kids in front etc

And someone has to collect them when they go flat and charge them up again. So here’s one of the guys who does that…

This guy’s been dead for a long time…they still sell posters for his gigs

Lots of embassies in Paris but haven’t seen this one before…

It’s actually The American Church in Paris

Came across this arcade with a ceiling of umbrellas and some funky brass sculptures.

This is one of them.

Really lashed out and went to the Moulin Rouge which didn’t disappoint. Was jaw-dropping… especially the dancer who dived into a pool filled with pythons and came up with one around her neck. And then six little feathered ponies which pranced on stage and then of again in the blink of an eye.

No photography allowed inside so this is it

Montmartre didn’t disappoint either. It is my favourite part of Paris. More than the view I love the graffiti on the walls on the way up and down.

This guy appears all over the place

There he is
Heard this great little jazz band playing…filled their hat with a few euros.

And now we are in Amiens, and tomorrow head off to Villers Bretonneux and Pozieres for ANZAC Day activities.

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