Pirate Mike aka Mike Lucas Visits EFS

Recently I booked Mike Lucas for a school visit during Book Week at EFS.

However instead of Mike a PIRATE turned up! And did he rev it up! There were squeaky rats, slug juice, spider juice, a brain in a jar and a rubber hand!

Funnily enough all of this didn’t put any of the students off! They relished it, along with Mike’s silly poems…we chose SILLY Mike for our visit!

Pirate Mike had the students laughing and gasping at his silly poems. They couldn’t get enough. Even the Yr 6’s were right into it.

WARNING: Images below might scare you or want you to go and book Mike for your school!

Can you spot the real pirate?


                                                           Aargh! Aargh!


No pirate worth his salt travels without his trusty parrot! or giraffe!


                                                  Find Your Treasure!


It’s Pirate Mike meets the Leopard who lost its spots…and then found them!


                                   An instant poem!


We have one more day next week with Pirate Mike! Batten down the hatches!



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