Tuk-Tuk to Kep or My Bum is Numb

Before our great tuk-tuk trip I walked with Sally across the old bridge to the local Wat on Fish Island. Quite a large compound with beautiful shrines and statues and a feeling of peace and quiet.

later we were all pick dup by our tuk-tuk driver Ali, who shoed us the sights on the way to Kep.

First stop was the salt flats where in miserable conditions the workers were scraping the mud off the salt pans in preparation for the next harvest. It is hard physical work in hot conditions and the workers suffer from eye conditions because of the glare from the salt. No salt is exported. It is all for use in Cambodia.

We then went to Le Plantation, a pepper plantation where we were given a talk and a taste of the different peppercorns, followed by a tour around the plantation. This plantation is all organic, which was great to hear and see.

We then stopped off at the Elephant Caves ( Phnom Chhgnok) and walked up some stairs to a cave where there was an image of an elephant in the limestone…if you used your imagination and squinted a bit. Another temple at the top with brightly coloured painted images all over the walls and the ceiling. But the most interesting thing was the lamps in one of the small shrines. They were made from old bomb casings!

On to Kep and to eat some green pepper crab, for which it is famous. I opted for green pepper chicken and it was absolutely delicious. Mia went for spring rolls which she gobbled down and Ian and Sally went for the green pepper crab. They had to chew their way through the shells to get the sweet meat…it was a process. One I am not sure they expected. The cafe we were in was right over the water…couldn’t get closer the that.

It then began to rain and got heavier and heavier as we made our way back in the tuk-tuk. I got splashed a few times at trucks passed but Mia had the right idea. She closed the blind and kept herself cosy and dry!

Hard miserable work


Pepper vines


Note the bomb casings!


Hard work for a feed


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