Vernazza: Land of a thousand stairs

No need for an exercise bike or walking machine here. Just walking to and from our digs gives us enough exercise for the day…however we have been stretching out further than that.

Yesterday when we met Andreas, our host, who asked what we might be doing for the day, we said we were going to visit the cemetery. He was a tad surprised. Of all the beautiful walks he probably thought we would take a different route.

However look here. We don’t get this in Australia.

These are family ‘plots’, each one with a vase for flowers and lit by little globes which look like candles.

Past the cemetery is a walk up to the town sanctuary…its church. On the way I saw these:

…took me a second look to work out that they were sheep!

And here is a serious shopping order for pizza making!

I think the beer is for the cook!

Funniest sight from yesterday was a German couple walking through the train station, on flat cement, using their Alpenstocks, one in each hand, to walk!!! Tee! Hee!

Ciao for now!

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