Walkerville Primary School Visit

Well my first school visit this year was to the wonderful Walkerville Primary School. I spent four days there and spoke to all of the classes from R-7.

Had fun sharing my latest book THE MAN WITH SMALL HAIR, as well as some of my golden oldies like LIMPOPO LULLABY and TEA AND SUGAR CHRISTMAS.

I was absolutely spoilt by librarian Kath Kummerow, who baked cakes and stirred up dips for recess time treats. Thanks Kath!

A few photos below.

What is behind the brick wall?

Yep..it’s me!
The wonderful Sebastian who offered to read ONE STEP AT A TIME. And what a great job he did.
This is just to prove I was there and wasn’t wagging it.

Thanks to everyone at Walkerville Primary School for the warm welcome.

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