Who Gives A Crap

We do.

Need a present for the person who has everything?

No dust collectors?

This is for you.

Who Gives A Crap is a group of guys who sell toilet paper. Yep, that’s right …toilet paper. But 50% of the profits from the paper they sell goes towards WATERAID, a group building toilets in developing countries.

The paper is chlorine free, free of dyes and perfume and made from recycled paper. Can’t get better than that!!! And it  is easy to order on-line and have delivered to your house…or to your friend’s house.

Go to    www.whogivesacrap.org

The thing we also love is the emergency roll, in bright orange wrapper, at the bottom of the box, so you know when to order the next lot.

Give it a go. You will not only get some super toilet paper but you will also be helping to fund some desperately needed toilets.

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