Who is Professor Ian Maddocks AM?

I don’t know what happened on my previous blog but there should have been a copy of the flyer for the Lend Your Leg Event.

Anyway…our guest speaker for the evening will now be Professor Ian Maddocks AM.

Professor Ian Maddocks AM was the Australian Senior of the Year in 2013. He was awarded this title because of his internationally recognised work with palliative care and his vigorous campaigning against anti-personnel land mines.

Years ago Professor Maddocks realised that “We are not doing dying properly” and that “Palliative care is good medicine.”

Since then significant changes have been made in the way we care for the dying.

He also founded the SA Branch of the Medical Association for Prevention of War in 1982 and became the National President in 1983.

SafeGround, together with Sally and I, are so honoured that he will be the guest speaker at the Lend Your Leg Event on Friday April 4th at BAPeA Gallery, 51 Wood St, Brompton at 7:00pm.

Hope to see you there!


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