‘Star of Anise’ Success

Recently ‘Star of Anise‘, illustrated by Di Wu and published by NLA has had a few successes.

Firstly it won the International Northern Lights Award for the Best Children’s Multicultural Book. That was quite a surprise as I had no idea it had even been entered.

Then just last night it got a Notable in the 2022 CBCA Book Of the Year Award in the Picture Book category.

All of these sort of awards keep the book in people’s minds and keep them getting noticed, which can’t be bad for the book!

So one very pleased author who may now go off and celebrate with some sort of bubbles!

4 thoughts on “‘Star of Anise’ Success

  1. Congratulations Jane! Wonderful news about the awards for “Star of Anise”. Best wishes from all the crew at Littlehampton Primary. Regards Barb

  2. Thanks for your support Barb. Yes it certainly is wonderful news. Still remember the fabulous night of plays and skits that I was invited to, all based around ‘Star of Anise’.

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