Gurdwara Launch of ‘Star of Anise’

Today we had the wonderful launch of ‘Star of Anise’ with the Sikh community at the Glen Osmond Gurdwara .

It was an amazing day, with meeting the Sikh community and talking to the children and teachers at the Punjabi School.

Sold lots of books…lots of signings and dedications to a very interested and appreciative group of people.

Thanks to Becky and Mike Lucas from Shakespeare’s Books.

Once the signings were finished we all partook of the traditional langar. This is a meal served free of charge to all visitors-without making a distinction of religion, caste, gender, economic status or ethnicity. Today it consisted of very tasty rice, dal, curry veg and yoghurt follow by a sweet rice pudding.

The SSSA Secretary, Amardeep Singh, was instrumental in setting up the day and it ran like clockwork.

A beautiful cultural experience and the perfect place to launch ‘Star of Anise’ out into the world.

So lucky we could do it own these COVID19 restrictive times.
Chardi Kala…stay in high spirits.

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