Launching Star of Anise

This Sunday Star of Anise will be launched to the Sikh Community at the local Gurdwara. Getting very excited about this.

I had some postcards printed off and have stuck a star anise to each one of them to give away with each book sale.

Also have bagged up some handfuls of star anise for a couple of small local launches for the book.

Even bought myself a Square Reader so I can sell books to people using cards. Too much technology!!

So bring it on! I am a tad excited.

A hundred stars

4 thoughts on “Launching Star of Anise

  1. Hi Heather. Wow! You’re on the ball. No sorry not an invitation. The Gurdwara launch is just for the Sikh community and the other launches are small home ones because of COVID19 restrictions. It was just me being very very happy to finally send ‘Star of Anise’ off into the world.Any time you would to buy a copy just let me know and I can arrange it. Cheers and thanks for following.

  2. Thanks Kaye, yes I am hoping it will be popular especially amongst the Sikh community

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