Ahh! Old Blighty…and London

So we have walked and walked and caught tubes and buses to see as much of London as we can.

The list includes Big Ben, with no active bell, Westminster and Houses of Parliament, complete with Brexit protestors, Buckingham Palace with no Queen but the Ecuadorian ambassador going past in a royal horse coach.

We saw Brick Lane but no brick works, Trafalgar Square but no pigeons. It is not allowed to feed the pigeons any more. Piccadilly Circus but no circus.

Two of my highlights were the Sockmob tour called Brick Lane by a homeless man called Pete, whose knowledge of the area and its history was phenomenal. My other favourite was the tour of Highgate Cemetery West. One of London’s oldest private cemeteries, with graves and tombs and catacombs. Fascinating. I was hoping it would be a misty day to add to the atmosphere but it was lovely and sunny. Still good!

This is the grave of a menagerist in Highgate West Cemetery. No, a lion didn’t kill him.
In Covent Garden even the vacuum cleaners have names!
Only in Harrods would you get a Vegetable Butchery
Here we go…Grandmas Against Brexit. The guy on the right is actually a grandpa.
Love this one! Hope they haven’t given up the battle…maybe just having a nice strong cup of tea.

And Mia’s highlight was Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter where she had her photo taken, with a Slitherin scarf on, pushing Harry’s trolley into the wall. Next door of course was the Harry Potter Shop, filled with everything a Harry Potter fan desires.

One very happy girl!
Just some of the merchandise you can buy…and empty your purse.

And lastly my favourite London animal…a squizzy, as my Nana Brooke used to call them. They are so cheeky and cute.

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