So What Did You Do In Amiens?

Well quite a lot actually.

We visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is the biggest church in France. Apparently two of the Paris Notre Dames would fit inside this one. (Maybe three now that the spires are gone!)

It was opulence at its best. We spent over an hour inside but still didn’t see everything there.

Lots of gold

But this did catch my eye…

It wasn’t exactly overflowing with euros. Maybe it had been emptied already.

We walked through the canal area called Little Venice.

Loved this area. Lots of coloured house fronts.

We found the local delicacy ‘gateau battu’ and ate it! Very light and buttery.

Two hungry pigeons eyeing it off but they didn’t stand a chance!

Visited the local puppet theatre. Unfortunately no shows happening during our time in Amiens.

The making of a marionette

Caught a bus out to Cimiterie de Madeleine. Described in the pamphlet as ‘romantic’. Didn’t have to time to see the grave of Jules Verne as the gates closed at 6:30pm and we didn’t fancy being stuck there for the night.

Lots of overgrown graves. Some dating back to the 1700s

On Saturday morning we went to the local fruit and veg market where we saw this rotisserie. Underneath the chickens were roast potatoes dripping in fat and fresh herbs. Ian asked if he could buy just a couple of potatoes for us to taste. When the young guy found out we were Australian he gave us a bag of potatoes and chicken wings for free. Understandably we had to eat them straight away while they were still hot. Mmm! Mmm!

Finger lickin’

Took a canal boat trip through the ‘hortillonanges’. Lots of the towns fruit and vegetables are grown here.

Actually got caught in a hail storm halfway through the trip. Luckily it didn’t last long.

Went to the house of Jules Verne. Climbed up into the tower to see all of the rooms set out like they were when he was alive. In one room was a map of the world on the floor on which he planned his novel ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’.

This was an amazing visit to do. So glad we did. it was also very warm on a cold day and had free toilets!

And finally cleaned my shoes on the boot scraper still outside the homes in the area where we were staying.

No excuses for muddy boots inside

So that was a snapshot of our Amiens.

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