Back to Magill Primary School

Yesterday I finished my visits to Magill Primary with a full day presenting to students from Reception to Yr 2.

All the classes were attentive and inquisitive, especially the dear little Reception students. Some of them are so tiny it is hard to believe that they are school age.

My new prosthetic (not for my use!) has been a real hit with the students. We usually find the smallest child as a model, they bend their leg up and I place the prosthetic by their knee to show how it works. Everyone agreed that it would be better to have a prosthetic than have to use crutches!

Lots of interest in the tea leaves and teapot which I bring out when talking about Tea and Sugar Christmas. I always try to persuade them that teapot tea tastes much better than a teabag!


A very attentive Reception class!
A very attentive Reception class!
Same class...different angle!
Same class…different angle!

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