Bring Back The Bowser or Was That a Wowser at the Bowser?

I am starting a campaign, right here and now on this blog, to bring back the term “Bowser”.

Here’s why:

Recently a young friend of mine filled up his car at a petrol station ( definitely NOT a service station because of the lack of service) and when he went in to pay he stated that he was at “Bowser 3”. 

A young lad standing behind him started guffawing, “Bowser? Bowser? Who uses that word any more? ” and when this lad went to pay he claimed he was at “Bowser 4” in an overly loud voice with just a hint of sarcasm.

The next week when I filled up my car at a petrol station, I deliberately used the word bowser. The attendant didn’t blink an eye. 

So I say, in support of my friend, let’s campaign to bring back the word bowser.

Let’s use it every time we fill up with petrol.


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