Lots Happening

Last week I received the PDF files of Tea and Sugar Christmas to look at. Stunning! It’s getting very real now as the date draws closer to having a completed book in my hands.

I gave an author talk to a Year 1 class at EFS on Wednesday and it was delightful. Went for 90 minutes which is quite an effort for 6 year olds! They were really interested in the stories of elephants which have been injured by landmines and were amazed at the way the elephants were able to walk again once their prosthetics were fitted. I am expecting a mailbag full of letters soon.

Things are hotting up as the date for the Lend Your Leg Event draws nearer and the opening of our Crowdfunding campaign.We have the services of a fabulous funky duo, called Xylo, from Strathalbyn, who will be playing background music during the evening. Xylo consists of Donna Prusa and Ian Woods who together perform many songs, both contemporary and golden oldies. 

Sally has been working furiously on her lino prints to get them finished for display and Lexi Woods has been editing and refining the One Step at a Time trailer which will make its debut on the night.

Invitations have gone out to many ethnic communities in Adelaide and we are hoping to see many of them on the night as some come from communities which have been devastated by the presence of landmines.

So…if you live in Adelaide and are reading this…don’t forget…Friday April 4th, 7:00pm , BAPeA Gallery, 51 Wood Ave, Brompton. Our guest speaker is Professor Ian Maddocks AM. See you there!

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