CBCA Book of the Year 2016 Awards

On Thursday Sally Heinrich and I are off to Sydney to attend the CBCA Book of the Year 2106 Award Ceremony. One Step at a Time has been Shortlisted in the Picture Book category, so we are very excited. The Governor General will be there and it is also the 70th Birthday Celebrations of the CBCA so it should be a fun event.

Phil Cummings from SA has been Shortlisted in the Picture Book category for his book Ride Ricardo Ride and SA author Vicki Wakefield’s book InBetween Days has been Shortlisted in the Books for Older Reader Category, so SA is well represented this year.

To be in the top 6 Picture Books is truly an incredible honour.

Ian and Mia are coming to the event as well and we are staying in a hotel close to Chinatown so expect to be eating some scrummy Yum Cha and also maybe one of two of the Emperor’s  Puffs. If you don’t know what they are…they are the most delicious hot custard filled little puffs which you order form a hole in the wall in Chinatown. For $1 you get three of them…but not many people walk away with only three. I have seen people walk off with boxes filled. They warn you not to eat them too quickly because they are very hot inside…but hey, who ever listens to warnings in life? Yes, I burnt my mouth last time!

My next post will probably be a report from the event with some photos as well!


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