Ciao Venezia!

So we made it to Venice. Our apartment is brilliant. Views of the canal from every window as well as our own local bell tower which rings out every quarter of an hour! Love it. Wish we had more bells in Australia… great way to work out the time.

First day here we just wandered the alleyways aimlessly, taking it all in. The piazzas are the place to be in the early evening. Everyone comes out for a chat and a catch up and the kids are all playing soccer and chasey and riding their scooters. A real community atmosphere. In Australia at the end of the day we all hide away in our houses and there is hardly anyone out on the streets.

Second day we set ourselves some sites to see…such as…Rialto markets, Piazza San Marco, Liberia Acqua Alta, Spritz Alley on Fundament Della Misericordia and then on to the Jewish Ghetto.

Fascinating day and about 8 hours of walking. We really earned the Spritz!

Today we went by Vaporetto out to Burano, then stopping at Murano on the way back. Another long day but while looking at a chocolate shop on the way home we were offered three free samples each, of their chocolates, which were divine.

Tonight we got told by the guy in the COOP supermarket that, “In Italy we wear plastic gloves and use plastic bags when choosing fruit and veg. In Italy we wear the gloves!” as he pointed to a massive container of one-use gloves and one-use plastic bags. We tried to use one bag for all of the fruit and veg and got into a very sticky mess as the price tags were sticking to the gloves. The lady at the checkout had a bit of a laugh when we went through.

Mia not very happy when I told her this was horse meat for sale.
Porta-dog! Have seen lots of cute little dogs being carried around in bags.
Buck’s show in Piazza San Marco

This is me on the bridge of books at Liberia Acqua Alta. An amazing bookshop where lots of books are stored in boats, baths and even a gondola!

Corner flower shop on the way to Rialto Ponte
Houses along the canal at Burano
This one wins the prize for the most colourful house in Burano
This is what tempted us to go inside Nino and Friends

4 thoughts on “Ciao Venezia!

  1. We are enjoying all the pictures and comments on your Blog. Hoipe this reply gets to you. Love, Mum and Dad

  2. Hi mum and dad. Glad you are enjoying the blogs. Am going to do another one tonight on Zermatt and the Matterhorn. In Bern today and we love this city. So easy to get around and some beautiful old buildings. A very relaxed city.Auf weidersehen for now!

  3. Hi Jane, Woodsy and Mia!
    Wow wow wow that is all I can say really. What an epic adventure you are on!
    Take care of one another.
    Love ya guts xxxx💖💕♥️😘😘😘

  4. Hi Donna, Great to hear from you. Yes we are indeed having the holiday of a lifetime. In London now. Have spent all day walking and our feet are burning. About to go out and find somewhere to eat! Fish and chips???

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