Easter is here!

So this is just going to be a collection of photos of Easter decorations in shops and at homes and in gardens, which we have seen over the last four weeks.

Front garden near Lugano, Switzerland
Of course there has to be a blow up bunny somewhere!
I could tackle this one
A wascally wabbit
And another one
And real live wascally wabbits in a shop window in Bern
Lift the lid and up they pop
And more chocolate
But sometimes a girl just needs a few pearls!
Easter flower pots to go
Or maybe a wreath for the front door
Or some gold…anything gold
And a few Easter trees to finish with

Yesterday we decorated Easter eggs the traditional way with Elsa, our BnB host, and so we will be eating them tomorrow morning.

2 thoughts on “Easter is here!

  1. Can you buy Cadbury Chocolate in Italy? Caleb
    How are you going? are you missing us……? from who knows?
    What landmark do you like best? from Caitlin
    When are you coming back? From Amie
    How tall is the giant bunny? from James.
    What is your favourite place in Italy? From Corey
    Hey I was just wondering if you knew that Einstein got a 163 in his IQ test. From Jeremy.
    What was your favourite thing you saw on the train? from Bethany
    What’s been the saddest part of your trip? from Archer
    What is the thing you don’t like about Italy so far? from Lexie.
    Are you tired of travelling yet? Ms Craven

  2. Ok Hello there Room 6. Will try to answer questions in order. No you can’t buy Cadbury Chocolate in Italy. Why would you want to when there is all the amazing chocolate they have!!! I am going very well and I am sorry but I am not missing you_ yet! All too exciting and interesting.The landmark I have liked the best so far is the Matterhorn. So many brave people who have climbed it and also 500 who have died trying to climb it or get back down alive.We get back to Australia on May 31 but then I am going to the CBCA Conference in Canberra so will be back in Strathalbyn on June 4.If you look closely at the photo of the blow up bunny and imagine that Mia is nearly 6 foot then you can work out how tall it is. Actually she is 5 ft 11in so there is some maths for you.My favourite place in Italy was Vernazza on the Cinque Terra. Very colourful and a lovely little town.I did not know about Einstein’s IQ test result but I am not surprised it is so high. He would definitely have made membership of MENSA. Look that up if you don’t know what it is. My uncle was a member.On the train, I know it sounds a bit mundane, but I love looking down into people’s veggie plots. They are often along the side of the railwayy line.The saddest part of the trip was looking at the war memorials in the Somme, especially Thiepval, with the names of 72,000 men missing.Incomprehensible!The thing I don’t like about Italy is the number of people who smoke, especially young people. Lots of young women smoke. I don’t understand why.I am not tired of travelling but I do get tired by the end of the day but then after a good night’s sleep it is onwards and upwards to the next adventure. We picked up our hire car today and drove out of London EEK! But we are safely in New Forest in a town called Lyndhurst where the ponies run free and have right of way and traffic has to give way to them . Have just got back from saying hello to them. They are wild so it is not possible to get too close. Hey does anyone watch Doc Martin? because we are going to the town where the series is filmed. By the way, we visited Jules’ Vernes’ house. The guy who wrote Around the World in Eighty Days etc etc etc. I must buy more of his books for the library. He was also a genius.Cheers for now.

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