EMERGENCY and Dr Gino Strada

I have just finished reading, Our Woman In Kabul, by Irris Makler which is a memoir of her time in Afghanistan as a freelance journalist after the Sept. 11 attacks in America.

In it I read about the most amazing man, Dr Gino Strada, who along with three colleagues, established the organisation EMERGENCY in 1994. This is an organisation which provides free surgery for victims of war, land mines and poverty. By 2003 they had treated 210,000 people worldwide. EMERGENCY is funded solely by donations from the general public.

Most of the victims being treated in Afghanistan by EMERGENCY were mine victims, many of them children.

This ties in with the project Sally Heinrich and I are trying to get off the ground at the moment…that is, the publication of my children’s picture book story, One Step At A Time, with illustrations by Sally.

We are working towards getting up a Crowdfunding site to fund the printing of the book. Just crunching some numbers at the moment.

More details soon.


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