Adam Goodes…what a hero!

Isn’t it ironic that at the beginning of Reconciliation Week, Adam Goodes is hit with a racist slur while playing football in the Indigenous Round.

Today I shared with my class the footage of the interview Adam gave at the end of the game and you could have heard a pin drop. He spoke so eloquently and with such heartfelt intensity. No-one could ague with what he had to say. And he was very generous towards the 13 year old girl involved.

Even more ironic is that on the Racism It stops Here website there is a video of Adam and other elite sportsmen and women telling us there is no room for racism in sport.

While looking at the Reconciliation Week website I hit the link button to the Share Our Pride website. It is brilliant! Lots of relevant information with interesting and meaningful videos to go along with it. I especially liked the section which explains what it means to be Aboriginal, as often students talk about people as being ” not very black” or “one third aboriginal” etc.

I will be using all of these websites in my teaching, and encourage others to have a look at them.

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