The Romance of Lighthouses

There’s something about lighthouses which attracts and fascinates me. It is probably the romanticised idea of living on an isolated island and being responsible for keeping the light going to save all those souls at sea. Through storms and gales and ice and sleet and snow!

There is a beautiful new children’s picture book called The Light by Jo Oliver which tells the story through a child’s eyes about life at a lighthouse. The story is set in the 1800’s and the illustrations are ethereal.

I have also just finished reading The Light Between Oceans by M.L.Stedman which is a beautiful read. A husband and wife, lighthouse keepers on an isolated island off the west coast of Australia, find a boat washed ashore holding a dead man and a live baby. The story that follows is heartwrenching.

Recently while in Launceston we travelled north to Low Head and looked around the lighthouse and buildings on the point there. Why are lighthouses red and white? They certainly make good fuel for photographers. Once again, that romantic idea of keeping the light going at all costs.


The Low Head Light.


Another view.


The Georgetown Lighthouse.


If this door could talk what tales would it tell?

One thought on “The Romance of Lighthouses

  1. Yes, I am fascinated with light houses too. We loved staying in the cottage at Cape Willoughby (Kangaroo Island) last year and checking out that lighthouse.

    We have an operating lighthouse on the hill up behind out house at Marino. I love it on foggy nights when we can see the beam sweep above us!



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