HASS Conference and Launch of “One Step at a Time”

On Sat 28th Feb Sally and I gave the Key-note address to the HASS Conference in Adelaide. The conference was a sell out with 180 attending and we got amazing positive feedback from everyone who listened to our address.

The highlight, though, was the launch of “One Step at a Time” by the Governor of SA, His Excellency Mr Hieu Van Le. He was accompanied by his wife Mrs Lan Le, both very warm and friendly people. The Governor’s speech was heartrending and sincere. I loved it when he spoke of Australia’s wealth not being under the ground but in those people who walk on top of the ground. Couldn’t be more pertinent words!

I have a quote of his on my wall: “As a young boat people refugee, I arrived here 36 years ago with nothing but an invisible suitcase filled with dreams.”

After the launch nearly 150 books were sold. It was frantic! We had to call for more books to be brought in.

Sally and I were given a note book in which conference attendees were encouraged to write a message to us. These messages were very humbling but confirmed to both of us that we are on the right track with the book.

Workshop attendees were all very interested in the links which could be made to the curriculum and I am sure we will see the book being used in schools to enrich the Australian Curriculum.

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