Huge Book Week Parade Surprise at EFS!

At our Friday Book Week Parade the EFS staff had organised a HUGE surprise for me of which I was oblivious to all day long…right up to the last minute when finally the penny dropped!

At the parade the staff were congregating in the middle of the gym, and I thought it was  going to be a staff parade of costumes before the class parades.

They got together in a line in their costumes and FINALLY I worked it out. They had made the Tea and Sugar train…complete with all of the carriages AND a train driver AND Father Christmas. There was the butcher van, the household goods etc etc even a travelling priest!

All of this happening right under my nose all day and I hadn’t picked up a clue. In the morning the train driver told me he was a chimney sweep…I started singing “Chim Chiminee Chim Ciminee”.


A few photos of the carriages here but am waiting to get a photo of the complete train.














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