Ingle Farm Primary School Visit

On Monday and Tuesday this week I went out to Ingle Farm Primary School for an author talk to all of the classes from R-7. Had a great time with a beautiful bunch of students and staff.

It was a real treat to see kids from all over the world at the school enjoying each others’ company! What a lesson for the rest of the world.

Chris Smallman does a fabulous job in the library there; ordering, cataloguing and displaying new books as well as putting up a range of displays. She had some fantastic treasure chests ready to go up for Book Week.

On the last day two students presented their book reviews on Limpopo Lullaby and One Step at a Time to me. Great work girls!

Gorgeous welcoming art
Always lovely to see a welcome sign like this!

Reading the book reviews


Thanks girls!

3 thoughts on “Ingle Farm Primary School Visit

  1. What a gorgeous welcome they gave you, Jane. And those reviews looked very well done.
    You probably already know this but I saw Papa Sky on the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge list today. Congratulations.

  2. Thanks kaye. No I didn’t know about the NSW Premier’s reading list. That is great!

  3. Thank you for your visit to our school Jane, it was lovely to be able to welcome you. We felt very honored to be able to listen to you read your new book, ‘The man with small hair”. It is a beautiful story with a very strong message, and certainly had the students thinking.

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