Japanese Flip Books

My Japanese Flip Books have finally arrived!

We saw them at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and had never seen anything like them before. They are truly marvellous. As Sally and I flipped through them we were oohing and aahing to the assistant’s delight.

But… it was quite difficult to track down a point of sale.

The books are published by Seigensha Art Publishing Inc  http://seigensha.com

but I ordered them from The Colossal Shop  www.colossalshop.com

Each little book in its cute matchbox style cover was AU$16.00.

I bought Visitor of Hole, Rabbit with Long Ears, God of Bug Eater, Christmas Comes Along and Bomb Insect.

They are each fascinating and all have a surprise ending. Like every good book!

My little beauties in their boxes!
My little beauties in their boxes!
Christmas Comes Along!
Christmas Comes Along!
Rabbit With Long Ears
Rabbit With Long Ears
Bomb Insect...be ready for some fun
Bomb Insect…be ready for some fun
Visitor of Hole...has to be seen to be believed!
Visitor of Hole…has to be seen to be believed!
God of Bug Eater...be prepared!
God of Bug Eater…be prepared!

I am now going to be on the lookout for new and wonderful flip books…I may even begin a collection…I love them so much!

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