Mama Ocean is Launched!

COVID19 had put a bit of a dampener on book launches this year. We had a few dates up our sleeve and then things kept changing. Finally we were able to launch Mama on Dec 5th at the Marine Discovery Centre at Henley Beach.

The perfect place for a couple of reasons. I was born and bred at Henley beach and lived there until I was 20, and the Marine Discovery Centre does a lot of educational work with children on pollution in the ocean and caring for the ocean and all of its creatures.

Carmen Bishop, who runs the centre, hosted the event and very kindly set up ready for the day.

The book was launched by Jan Whittle, who works for the Department of Environment and Water. She gave a brilliant speech about the environment and caring for it and the lack of government policy on climate change etc.

The wind and rain managed to hold off for the duration of the event. Thanks Mama!!!

Being in COVD19 times we couldn’t have food out on plates so we made up some little party bags with ocean themed gingerbreads, boiled fish lollies and ocean themed stickers.

All over by 4:00pm and then the rain thundered down.

Thanks again to all those who attended.

Papa Sky and Mama Ocean just need little Bubba Earth to finish the trilogy! It’s on its way!

Anna Solding, publisher at MidnightSun Publishing
Launchee, Jan Whittle, sending Mama off into the world
Mama Ocean

2 thoughts on “Mama Ocean is Launched!

  1. Thanks Carol. Next comes the final of the trilogy, Bubba Earth, in 2022. Star of Anise is being released in Feb this year bit I can’t seem to upload an image of the cover onto my publication page.Cheers

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