Mama Ocean is on her way!

My latest picture book, Mama Ocean, illustrated by Sally Heinrich and published by Anna Solding at MidnightSun Publishing will be ready for release later this year.

Mama Ocean had eyes that sparkled , like sunlight on the sea, and tresses which tumbled and trailed through the tides.

But something is troubling Mama Ocean

Who will help her?

Hmm. You will have to read it to find out.

Originally it was going to be released in time for Book Week, but because of a certain virus! the release date has been delayed until September. Hopefully then we can celebrate with a launch!

Sally’s illustrations are once again divine. So much to look at on each page and lots of I Spy games for kids to play as they read through the book.

Mama Ocean rose from the seabed like an emerald fountain.

4 thoughts on “Mama Ocean is on her way!

  1. Thanks Simon. Yes Sally has again done an amazing job with the illustrations.Cheers to you. Stay well and sane!

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