‘Star of Anise’ is Also On Its Way

I have been working on the final edits of Star of Anise this last week. I am working with Irma Gold on editing the Picture Book text, the Historical Notes and the Teacher’s Notes.

Star of Anise is one of the NLA books which has been delayed in publishing. Now I am told that it will be released early 2021. Yay! It has been quite a wait.

The picture book has been illustrated by Di Wu. I have only seen the pencil work but it looks fabulous.Di Wu illustrated Glass Tears for me and I love his work.

Star of Anise tells the story of a Sikh hawker in the Australian outback in the 1800s. There are plenty of opportunities for beautiful coloured illustrations, with turbans, decorated horses, and wagons full of goods. I can’t wait to see these.

Still no front cover image but as soon as I have one I will post it.

2 thoughts on “‘Star of Anise’ is Also On Its Way

  1. Thanks Carol. Yes, I have seen the pencil roughs but not the coloured ones so I am really looking forward to seeing those. Cheers.

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