First Review for Mama Ocean

Different authors and illustrators have different opinions about reviews. I have heard that some don’t ever read them. I am afraid I would find that too hard. Gotta take the good with the bad.

So it was exciting to hear that Romi Sharp from Books and Publishing has done a review of Mama Ocean.

Not able to post the whole review here but have taken a snippet of it.

‘Jane Jolly’s sweeping language is as poetic as the entrancing waves of Heinrich’s illustrations.
The alliteration, descriptive terms and short, snappy sentences enhance the visuals, the words literally bending and swirling among the striking pictures. The fluidity of the ocean is evoked with
curling lines and watercolour, with bright oranges, yellows and reds that contrast with the emerald backdrop, which slowly greys as the rubbish thickens and Mama Ocean becomes more ill. This is an
enlightening story with a strong environmental message about the impact of litter on our ocean’s ecosystem, encapsulated within a mesmerising visual presentation. Mama Ocean’s important message is
conveyed with a charm and playfulness that will encourage sustainability practice in pre- and primary school children.’

Romi Sharp

Mama Ocean rose from the seabed like an emerald fountain.

Mama Ocean is due to be released in September.

4 thoughts on “First Review for Mama Ocean

  1. It’s a fabulous review, Jane. Congratulations on another terrific book.

  2. Thanks Carol, It certainly is , so very happy to see that one. Cheers!

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