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We have managed to have a lot of time looking around the Book Fair in between my rostered times at the desk.

Some of the publishers’ booths with their book displays are gorgeous.

Yesterday I posted 8kg of picture books back to Australia. They are all in different languages to English but can be understood because of the illustrations. Can’t wait to see them again. Getting them posted was an adventure in itself!

An amazing pop up book. There are so many of them here that are just incredible.

These funny characters are part of a display for a book which features this man with the blue nose and flowers growing out of his face.

Great quote from one of the Swiss authors.

Mia with her Andy Griffiths’ Tree House Calendar and Tree House money. One very excited girl to have met him and had her photo taken with him!

Me and Gabrielle Wang at the Hello From Australia stand.

This is an Indian publishing house stand called Wild Eagle

So now that the Fair is finished we are off by train to Venice tomorrow. Really looking forward to exploring this city of canals.

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