A Morse Code Tapper!

You wouldn’t believe it. I have in my possession not one, but two, old Morse Code tappers from none other than my father.

Apparently as young lads he and his twin brother, my Uncle Bob, used to send messages to each other using these. They aren’t set up to work at the moment, but I can get  a tapping sound from them.

Ian and his brother Graham are going to see if they can set them up to work again and then I can demonstrate tapping out Morse Code when I visit schools next year.(Graham doesn’t know this yet!)

I am excited! Very excited!

Radio Rescue! has made it to the first page of the Australian Booksellers Association Kids Reading Guide 2016-2017!

It also made a list of the top ten children’s books this year. So all going very well for  Radio Rescue!

Here they are…a marvellous link to the past

2 thoughts on “A Morse Code Tapper!

  1. Congratulations on the success of the book so far, Jane. It’s really a lovely book with so much for kids and adults to enjoy. And I love your morse code tappers. My sister and I had some toy morse code devices as kids with the alphabet displayed on top so we used to have loads of fun sending each other messages. They had batteries and wires so they really worked. They also had a little red light showing the dits and das. My mum was a morse code operator near Robinvale during WWII. She loved it.

  2. Hi Kaye,
    I should ask your mum for some lessons. Morse Code sounds like so much fun, but when you think how long it took compared to a quick chat on a mobile phone…that’s when reality hits!
    Glad you like Radio Rescue!

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