Now For the Hard Work

Well I have been back from India now for nearly 4 weeks and so it is time for me to start getting some stories down.

While at Varanasi we went on a boat down the Ganges past the burning ghats. The young boy who was rowing made the statement, “They don’t burn children,” which of course gave me an idea for a short story for adults. Now I just have to get it down onto paper.

We had a surprise breakfast with a Maharaja one morning in Rewa. This also gave me an idea for a story for  a children’s picture book.

In May I will be attending the CBCA Conference which is being held here in Adelaide this year. I am really looking forward to listening to some of the key speakers and also being part of a “meet the author” breakfast as an author.

2 thoughts on “Now For the Hard Work

  1. Indeed. I have many ideas going around and around in my head for a storyline but I never put pen to paper until I know exactly what my first line will be. Once I’ve got a great first line then I’m off.

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