Reprint For “Tea and Sugar Christmas”

Tea and Sugar Christmas has gone off for a reprint of 1000!! I have never had a book which has gone for a reprint so it is wonderful news.

2 thoughts on “Reprint For “Tea and Sugar Christmas”

  1. Dear Jane,

    Yesterday Mrs Johnson read our class your fantastic new book called, Tea and Sugar Christmas. Everyone in 1J thought that the story about Kathleen and the tea and sugar train was marvellous and entertaining.

    We bought it for our school library because we won some money for being the schools most consistent bank savers with Bendigo Bank.

    1J especially liked the part when Santa Clause came to town (like the Christmas carol). We also enjoyed the humorous part when Kathleen’s family forgot to buy the sugar.

    We noticed that the book Father Christmas gave Kathleen was The Magic Pudding. We became authors and wrote our own stories called, The Magic Pudding.

    We were wondering if Kathleen’s dad was a fettler?

    Love from Mrs Johnson and the super 1J at ENPS

  2. Hello again to Mrs Johnson’s class 1J at EPNS. You are probably on school holidays by now but I am glad you enjoyed “Tea and Sugar Christmas” and how clever are you to have won the money by being such good bankers.. I hope your Christmas is as exciting for you as it was for Kathleen and “Yes” her father was a fettler on the line.
    Look out for “One Step at a Time” early next year.
    Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!

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